Hemp In Food: Are You Serious

Oh yes, I am very serious about this!

When you find a food product that contains hemp seed, you should consider trying the item.

Hemp is loaded with nutritional benefits! It is very high in protein, omega 3 and omega 6 with the perfect balance as well, antioxidants, and iron; this is considered one of our super food sources.

For vegetarians and vegans this is a big bonus! It is hard to find a plant that is this high in protein, and digests well. Hemp is the plant we have been searching for.

Hemp plant matured to seed

You will find that hemp helps to boost your immune system with its rich antioxidants, used in conjunction with other sources of antioxidants, you will build your system up and tolerate more germs in your environment.

The high levels of protein make this a perfect food for physically active people. If you are an athlete or a soccer mom, you could benefit from introducing hemp foods into your diet. Protein is crucial in the growth, repair, and maintenance of our muscles. Who doesn’t need that?

Hemp is probably the absolute best plant-based sources of protein, containing all nine essential amino acids, and it is easy for our bodies to digest. This is a rare find in the plant-protein world.

Another bonus, is the fiber you get from hemp seed. It is so hard to fit all the daily fiber in with the average diet, not if you have hemp seed in your diet. And it does not taste bad, it has a wonderful mild nutty flavor that complements most foods.

In the end eating food that contains hemp seed could help you live longer, as with any super food added in. Eat what is good for you and you will have a better quality of life and possibly live longer.

What you put into your body is what you get out of it. If you put a bunch of junk food in expect a junky body that is tired and possibly obese. If you put the super foods in you will have super results.

I have some examples of hemp seed food choices. You are welcome to click on any of the links and buy any of the products if they appeal to you.

Raw and Toasted Hemp Hearts

These seeds are said to have a nice nutty flavor, similar to that of the sunflower seed. I personally love sunflower seeds, so adding hemp seeds to my diet will be a nice addition.

You can get hemp seeds toasted or raw it depends on your preference. I have noticed that the raw hemp seeds get better reviews. When I order mine, I plan on ordering raw ones, I am sure if I want to tast them I can.

It is recommended to sprinkle them on salads, cereal, oatmeal, and yogurt, you can add them to smoothies and shakes or just eat them right from the bag. This will add a nice flavor and enhance the nutrion level of any of the dishes.

Each 30-gram serving of Just Hemp Foods 100% Natural Hemp Seeds contain 10 grams protein, and 12 grams Omegas.

Adding these to your diet would not only be easy and tasty, but it would benefit in so many ways.

Hemp Milk

When it comes to milk, we all should know that we are not meant to drink milk from another animal. This may be why we have lactose intolerant people out there. Well, we can get our rich creamy milk from other sources as well.

Tempt Hemp Milk is creamy and delicious and refreshing, have you ever heard of cow’s milk described as “refreshing”? Me either. It is also loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, good fats like omega 3 and omega 6. Cow’s milk does not have these wonderful qualities, and as I said before, we are not supposed to drink milk from other animals.

I personally am not lactose intolerant, but I do not care for most dairy items, cow’s milk being the main one. I can barely drink cow’s milk due to the thick sludgy feeling it gives me, I feel like the inside of my mouth was coated with paint. Yuck!! And it makes my stomach feel very full.

I am definitely going to be trying some hemp milk! I would love to be able to enjoy a milk shake again. There is such a thing as hemp ice cream as well, which would make this even better for me. I can hardly wait!

Hemp Seed Coffee and Tea

Coffee too!! Wow this just keeps getting better. I did not know that hemp seeds could be combined with coffee. I am an avid coffee drinker, and I could use an additive that is good for me.

ELEV8 has combined their finest roast with the hemp seeds to create a nutty rich flavor, that contains all the health benefits of the hemp seed. Getting your omega 3 and omega 6 has never been easier if you drink more coffee than you consume food.

This company has turned coffee into a health beverage! How wonderful for all us coffee connoisseurs. With the omegas, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals this make your cup of java turn into a drink that promotes cardiovascular benefits, while the soluble and insoluble fibers naturally cleanse your colon and reduce your sugar cravings.

What a great way to start your day!

Hemp Flour

You get hemp flour when you remove all the oils from the seed. When this is done it leaves a dense cake that must be ground for flour. You have to add other flours to it for baking as it is entirely too dense on its own.

When combined with another flour type, it brings out a nutty rich flavor and huge nutritional benefits. Breads will be a bit heavier and chewier with a ratio of 1 part hemp flour : 4 parts another flour (wheat, barley, soy, rice, etc…). It is totally gluten free so it will not rise on its own.

When added to baked goods it provides a good serving of fiber, lots of omegas essential fatty acids, and increases the digestible proteins.

You do not have to cook this flour to use it either, you can add it directly to salads and shakes, or any beverage. Or you can add it to other cookable items like muffins, waffles, cakes, breads, etc… Either way you will get the nutritional benefits.

Bulgar Herbs offers a quality product with their organic hemp flour sold on Amazon for only $15.60 for 7 0z.

Hemp2O Vitamin Water

This water is packed with the B vitamins including B12, and all the essential omegas. Just as with all hemp products. This is water with a super kick.

You can get this water in a number of flavors. And it is said to enhance your energy, and quench your thirst. On Amazon I only found it in one flavor, apricot/blueberry, which is a wonderful flavor. I would imagine that it would go very well with the hemp as well.

This would be good for all athletes for sure, and anyone that is in need of some extra vitamins and omegas. Which is pretty much, all of us to be honest.

Hemp Seed Veggie Burgers and Hot Dogs

Healthy burgers and hot dogs, someone had the junk-food junky in mind, you gotta love it. Now this covers all the bases I think. If you can make hamburgers and hot dogs from hemp seed and other grains, what more does America need?

What is better than grilling burgers and dogs on the 4th of July? Grilling Hemp Burgers and Hemp Dogs that’s what!

This can be a tasty burger, with the right ingredients added. There are a number of grains that can be added for a wonderful rich flavor, such as, barley, quinoa, chickpeas, and more. It is all in the taste buds of the creator.

You will get more digestible protein from these burgers than meat based burgers! And they are good for your heart as well. There is no cholesterol in these and they are high in fiber, that makes your heart happy!

This is better than the icing on the cake!

Hemp Vodka?!

Colorado Gold Distillery created what Peter Caciola, owner, says may be the best damn Vodka he has made. His goal is to match and beat the world’s best spirit distillers. He named is hemp vodka, Colorado High.

Making this vodka was not an easy process, it took the distillery about 4 years to perfect it. But in the end their perseverance paid off, they created the very first and only U.S. produced vodka that was fermented and distilled with real natural raw hemp.

I have not tried this vodka yet, but it is said to be a very clean, and easy drinking vodka. It does not have the typical vodka bite, it goes down smoothly, with a subtle nutty sweetness.

And it is not just Vodka, there is hemp infused beer and wine too! Okay, so now the 4th just got even better! Grilling our hemp burgers and hot dogs while drinking our favorite hemp beer or mixed drink!

I will not have a link for this but you can go to your local liquor store and see if they are carrying any alcohol that contains hemp. I will suggest trying to find some Colorado High, however.


Is There Anything Hemp Can’t Be Used For?

I have been surprised when it comes to the answer to this question. Every item I have come up with to see if hemp can be used in it in some way, the answer is yes.

The only concern I have about my findings, is why on earth are we not utilizing this plant more! It can be used for food and beverages, fabrics and textiles, fuel, building materials, health and beauty products, supplements, plastics and more.

This plant has so many uses that are very beneficial, that it actually make no sense at all as to why we are not using hemp in our everyday lives.

I would love to hear your opinion on this subject. Please feel free to leave a comment, no matter what your opinion is.

If your not in favor of this plant being used on such a large scale, I would love to hear why. If you are in favor I would love your feedback as well. Both sides make for a great discussion.

Thank you as always.

Stacie Fortson

Go Green With Hemp

What Is So Special About Green Field Hemp Paper

For me what makes Green Field Hemp Paper so special is the simple fact that there are no trees used in the process of making it. Their paper is of high quality and contains hemp fibers’, recycled junk mail, cotton, and other natural fibers’. This is one of the many companies that are making wood free paper that I have found.

Green Feild Paper Company doesn’t stop being “green” by just making wood free paper, they are also tapped into the wind farm energy use, so they are using natural energy as well. They are not greedy either, they give links to other vendors that are offering “green” products as well. Talk about paying it forward, that is awesome in my opinion.

I can feel good about helping support a company like this one for sure. They are promoting and selling environmentally safe products.

Green Field Paper Company Also Offers Hand Made Paper

I know what you’re thinking, handmade paper is going to be thick and awkward to use. I’m sure it can be if it is not properly made. Green Field Paper Company has the process down to a T. Their paper is not thick or unprofessional looking at all.


They have a process of pressing for each style of paper they make. And they have quite the assortment. If you would like to watch their process here is a YouTube video you can watch and see exactly how they make their handmade paper. It is very interesting.

First they coarsely chop the fibers’ to be used in the batch of paper they are making. Then they fill a big vat with water, and begin to add the desired fibers’ for the particular paper they are making. There is a huge wheel with sharp metal fins that churns the water and cuts the fibers’ into a pulp. This is all done with absolutely no chemicals.

When the pulp is at the right consistency for making paper, it is put into a different vat that the workers then dip mesh frames in and pull up a layer of the pulp and shake it till its even across the frame, excess water is drained from the frame, and the sheet of paper is released face down onto a damp felt flat surface, then is covered by another damp felt sheet.

The paper sheets are layered up like this then pressed to release more water and to merge the fibers’. This makes the paper able to he handled after the pressing. The sheets are then hung to dry even more on round cylinders. When it is fully dry, it is ready to use.

Hemp Paper Has A Classic Elegant Appearance

Their process of making the hemp paper is mechanical versus handmade. The paper contains hemp fibers’ and recycled fibers’ as well. The end product has a vellum appeal to it, with style and class.

Hemp paper has a higher quality than wood pulp paper, it is naturally acid free, chlorine free, and archival quality. It has a much longer shelf life, and is stronger because of the longer fibers’ hemp provides. Also, it recycles better than paper made from wood.

The texture of the paper is linen like. It feels like the quality paper that it is! Green Field’s hemp paper has a distinctively organic and professional look. Even with being of such high quality, it could be used in place of paper made of wood.

There have been advancements already in how to process the hemp fibers’. Studies are being done using hemp ethanol to process the fibers’. Why ethanol you ask? Well hemp naturally contains many oils and they are in the fibers’ as well.

The oils are released during the churning, and it gunks up the drains, so using water is not really ideal for large volumes. Using hemp ethanol keeps it all natural, what a great bonus for this to work full scale!

They will try to tell you that it is not economically viable to mass produce hemp paper. That may be a bit true right now, but if we change our buying habits, it will have to become economically viable to mass produce. This will inspire a whole new generation of inventors.

Ideal For Artists and Important Documents

I am an artist so to speak. I keep my artwork to myself, that is why I say so to speak. When I purchase paper for my artwork, I chose Green Field Hemp Paper. I buy the mini reem of 200 sheets so I have plenty of paper to work with for quick sketches.


I could buy a pack of their hemp sketch paper but I would only get 35 sheets and I would blow through that! The best part is This particular paper type has a multiple of uses, aside from what I normally use it for.

If I created an item in one of my Adobe programs, I could easily print it on this paper using a laser printer or Inkjet. I could use it for important documents that I want to save and keep for any period without showing age. And I do my artwork on this paper as I said.

So I don’t feel like I have wasted any money or like I have to run out and buy special paper for rare occasions. I use it in my everyday life of list making and for special projects there is no waste in that. And I recycle at the end.

Affordable Quality

Since I use this paper in my everyday life and for all my special occasions, that is why I chose the 200 mini ream. I felt it was the best bang for my buck. The price of the paper is $23.95 on Amazon.com.

Green Field Hemp mini reem of 200 sheets Paper  features are:

  • 60# text (90 gsm) weight
  • natural white finish
  • smooth vellum finish
  • 25% hemp/ 75% post-consumer fiber
  • acid free
  • chlorine free
  • archival quality
  • ink jet and laser printer compatible.

It is probably the best paper I have used! I love the finish and its durability under the eraser compared to paper made of wood, the hemp paper wins hands down!

I mostly use pencil when I create my pieces, but I do have some colored pencil and pastel pieces as well. All the mediums I used to create my pieces have applied to the paper wonderfully.

If we all start using this product in our everyday lives, the price will drop even more! And paper made from wood will eventually become obsolete. Wouldn’t that be fabulous!

This Truly Is Quality Paper With A Message

Green Field Paper Company is part of helping to bring hemp paper back to life in America. This is a truly quality paper that they produce and it sends a message with its quality.

If you use this paper for professional documents, your documents are perceived with higher esteem as the paper demands respect. In the business world it is all about the paper you choose to present certain documents and proposals. And every item is on archival paper so it can be saved for a very long time.

As an artist the quality of this paper stands above any that I have used, and I am sure it ranks high with other artists as well. Better quality of paper gives more pride in your work and gives your art a longer life span.

Not only is it more recyclable than paper made of wood, but it is made with recycled fibers’ as well. Using this paper is like hitting the jackpot for saving trees.

With this paper being made from hemp and post consumer products versus trees, just tells me that our trees have been being senselessly clear cut for way too long. This paper and other hemp made paper gives us the power to stop the clear cutting and help our planet start healing.

I would love to hear what you think about this article, and about Green Field Paper Company. Feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you as always.

Stacie Fortson

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Hemp Clothing Offered On Amazon: A Variety of Choices For Your Entire Wardrobe and More

Industrial Hemp Fiber

Hemp fibers can be made into fabrics of many textures from burlap to fine linen. It is all in the processing of the fiber that pertains to the outcome of the fabric. There are many products in the fabric world that can be made from hemp.

These items can be worn every day and not wear out, they just get more comfortable. It is said that hemp is the strongest fiber known to mankind. It can withstand weather and salty sea and ocean air, and it can be gentle enough to use for a baby diaper.

Apparently we could save some money on clothes if we had the option to buy more items made with hemp fibers. The cotton we were sold on as “the fabric of our lives” should actually be called the “fabric that breaks our wallets”.

Hemp Shirts and Pants

Knowing that you can get hemp clothes that last longer makes you wonder what they look like. Are they all hippie styles or are there other fashion genres as well?

There are many fashion genres that you can buy hemp made clothing in. You can buy from a plain basic white t-shirt all the way to jeans or a suite and tie. You just have to do your research before you buy.

There are companies such as Dash Hemp Santa Cruz, and Chiefton Supply Co., based in Denver Colorado that grow their own hemp, harvest, and process it and make their own fabrics as well.

Dash Hemp offers an extensive line of very fashionable apparel for men and women. Just follow the link above to read my review of their products and visit their site to make your purchase.

That is not the only company, there are many, you just have to search for them. I have some interesting finds from Amazon that are affordable and fashionable as well. Like these ONNO men’s t-shirts on Amazon.com they are 55% hemp and 45% cotton. I think the price tag of $29.00 is fair honestly.

I also found a nice pair of Effort’s Men’s Hemp/Organic Cotton Drawstring pants with back pockets, that look extremely comfortable. They are also 55% hemp and 45% cotton. The price on these pants is quite normal as well, selling for $60.95.

Knowing that hemp fabrics last longer than those made of cotton, I know exactly what I am shopping for next when it comes to the material my clothing is made from.

Socks and Undergarments Made With Hemp

Hemp is one of the best fibers for our undergarments to be made of, as it has the ability to wick moisture away from your skin. Which means that it can pull moisture from your skin and draw it to the surface of the material so it evaporates quicker. I have heard that term so many times and never knew the exact definition of it.

Having dry socks is very important no matter what you are doing! With hemp’s ability to wick moisture from the skin this makes it ideal for socks and underwear. I have found some really great items on Amazon that I will share with you.


The socks are 67% hemp and 23% organic cotton, Organic Hemp Socks for Men, come in a three pack. These socks not only keep your feet drier, but the hemp also aides with antibacterial, anti fungal, and makes them naturally hypoallergenic. Seriously what more could you ask for from a pair of socks?! Comfort you say, well they are also very comfortable being lightweight and breathable.

For your private parts, I found some very nice and comfortable looking boxers by ilovebad organics.

They do not contain as much hemp as cotton like my other items, but at least they have hemp in them, and that was what I was shooting for. They are 28% hemp, 64% cotton, and 8% Lycra. The price is $24.00 a pair, which seems kind of expensive. But if you think about the quality, longer life span, and the benefits’ hemp provides, isn’t it worth a little extra, especially to cover your privates.

Shoes and Accessories To Complete Your Outfit

Shoes of all sorts can be made from hemp. Not just the top fabric part but the entire shoe can contain hemp by products. Companies like Nike and Adidas are jumping on board with creating hemp shoes.

Hemp Shoe

This is important to see happen, with big name companies creating lines of hemp products, it says to the world, that it is more than okay to use hemp products. And it helps with my crusade to make hemp become part of our everyday lives.

Jewelry of all sorts can be made from hemp to accessorize your hemp outfits. Even Hand bags can be made from hemp. Some of these items can look a little dated, but who says fashion has to die just because a decade ended.

There are some very beautiful pieces of jewelry that are crafted with hemp. It can have a hippie look and it can be very elegant looking as well. I am not saying that everyone should stop buying the typical gold and silver jewelry, but give hemp a chance and look up some newer items that have been created.

Handbags constructed of hemp can get very elaborate in design or they can be super simple. This is one of those items that is versatile in construction. Women all over have different tastes in their personal handbags. From what I have seen out there you can get just about any look you desire.

I found one that I like a lot on Amazon, it is made by Baynne. This is a new item on their site and is starting at $11.00!! What a steal for this quality bag. I particularly like the rope handles, I don’t know exactly why, but maybe it’s the old fashion side of me. This is a bargain no lady should miss out on!

Linens and More For The Household

We can buy sheets that are some best quality linen on the market. They are not cheap right now for 100% hemp, but you can get a mix with organic cotton that is less expensive. You can get them in a natural look that is a bit more organic, or you can buy very high quality, it depends on your budget and needs.

Just like the socks and undies, these sheets have the ability to wick moisture from the skin, a sweaty night could be a whole new thing with these. And they are antibacterial, anti fungal, hypoallergenic, so they won’t get stinky and they are good for those with allergies.

The New Fabric Of Our Lives

With hemp’s superior quality all the way around, compared to cotton, I think I have to go with hemp. To me it just makes sense.

If the items I buy are going to be of the same quality or better as far as appearance, but last longer or have a better usable quality, I’m all in. Because to me, that says I should rethink what I have been spending my money on all these years, and change it up.

Cotton has been the so called “fabric of our lives” for years, but I think that with the superior quality that Industrial Hemp offers that title might have to be given to Industrial Hemp.

I would love to hear what you think about this article, and the products I have mentioned, and the ones I have links for you to check out and buy.

Thank you as always.

Stacie Fortson

Go Green With Hemp






Hemp Not Just For CBD: The Very Fiber

With so many issues with our environment these days, we really need some alternative renewable resources.

Hemp is a rapidly regrowing natural resource, and so very many products could be made from it. It makes perfect sense to use these items, and one should wonder why we have not been.

Pro-Hemp Poster
Pro-Hemp Poster

Even if the Government didn’t want us to use Industrial Hemp as a renewable resource, we the American public, should have stood up and said, “Well that’s all fine and dandy, but we are not using petroleum based products because they are not safe in the long run.”

But we did not, instead we became the sheep they wanted and went onto using the petroleum based products they shoved in our faces, in place of industrial hemp products.

Well now it’s time to stop being “sheep” and make some smart consumer decisions that will save our planet in the long run. Yes, these products cost a little more right now, but the more we demand them, the lower the cost eventually becomes.

This is because they have to be mass-produced versus being produced on smaller scales as they are now. Alas, the products become the “norm” in our daily lives, and in turn our planet slowly begins the healing process.

Here are a few product ideas that we could implement into our daily lives and start making some wonderful changes for our planet.

Quality Hemp Writing And Drawing Paper

Egg Shell Hemp Paper
Egg Shell Hemp Paper

Paper made from hemp is superior to that made of wood pulp. To start with hemp has the perfect genealogy for making paper as it has a high level of cellulose, wood does not. When making paper from wood the process is very unfriendly to the environment as it requires the use of poisonous chemicals that contaminate the large amounts of water used in the making.

Making paper from hemp is not like this at all, with the high amounts of cellulose there is no need for the poisonous chemicals to be used, nor is there a large amount of water use in the process. And the paper is of a much higher quality, is more recyclable, last longer, and is naturally acid free.

Manila Hemp Paper Close-Up
Manila Hemp Paper Close-up

By continuing to use trees for making paper, we are essentially ravaging three natural resources that we desperately need. Our water supply, our air supply, and our trees. I don’t see the harm in checking out these products and buying one or all. Follow the title link to check out a nice deal on hemp paper.

Hemp Skin Care Products

Who knew that hemp seed oil would turn out to be extremely good for your skin?!? I had no clue, but apparently it is one of the best skin care products available. It contains a lot of much-needed fatty acids that our bodies don’t create at all but are very helpful, like omega 3 and omega 6. It helps to maintain a healthy moisture level which can help with premature aging, and it seems that it can help with acne, eczema, and psoriasis as well.

Why on earth isn’t this in every skin care product? It seems like we got the shaft when hemp was lumped with marijuana, and farmers stopped growing it!

Hemp Clothing Apparel

When it comes to our clothes, we care very much what they are made of and how they look and feel. There are so many fabrics to choose from, have you tried hemp fabric?

It is available in many colors and textures, and it is said to be stronger and last longer than cotton. Instead of wearing out like cotton, hemp cloth just gets softer and more comfortable.

Hemp fabric also is less likely to mold or mildew because of its anti-bacterial properties. And the fabric is breathable, so it has the ability to wick moisture away from your body, and it does not hold odors.

The fibers can also be made into textiles such as carpet and rugs, and ropes and cables as the fibers are very strong! I read somewhere that hemp netting can be stronger than steel in some applications. That totally blew me away, and yes I encourage you to look it up!

You can buy shoes and accessories, like hand bags and jewelry, made of hemp as well. The list of items one can buy that are made of hemp or contain hemp is just astounding!

So knowing what you know now about hemp cloth and textile uses, are you wondering even more as to why this plant was put into such a dark corner for so long? You can visit https://en.m.wikipedia.org for even more information on hemp fabric.

Bio-diesel And Ethanol

This is probably one of the best kept secrets! The big oil companies do not want you to wake up and smell this coffee, but I sure do!

Well now I have seen it all! What a total shame that this fuel has not been on the market for years! It is much safer for the environment than any of the fuels made from petroleum!

This fuel is said to be safer to make and transport, and if it spills, it is totally biodegradable. I can see that this is an issue for the oil companies as they cannot offer such safety precautions.

You can check this out at www.cannopycorp.com, they have a wonderful article about bio fuels. 

Hemp Really Can Be The Very Fiber Of Our Society

Hemp Fabric Product Variety Box
Hemp Fabric Product Variety Box

If we stop and look at what all hemp can be used for in our everyday lives, and the impact it has on our environment to use it. One has to ask themselves why we are not utilizing this plant for all it is worth?!?

Personally I think we should put a ban on buying any product that we deem harmful to the environment and replace it with a hemp based replica. We have to start somewhere and being a lazy society, we really are, this is a very simple and stealthy proposal of change.

To me, it just makes sense to start acting now if you have not already begun, we can only take our planet for granted for so long. Then we get an eviction notice in the form of Global Warming and Ice Ages and Catastrophic Weather Conditions.

The only requirement from the public is to buy hemp products no matter what they are, and support your local hemp grower. Vote for laws that benefit farmers to grow hemp, and bills that encourage scientists to research the full potentials of hemp.

Hemp Harvesting
Hemp Harvesting

I would love to hear what you think about this article. Please feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you

Stacie Fortson

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