Comfortable Women’s Hemp Drawstring Yoga Lounge Pants By Dash Hemp

Hemp Yoga Lounge Pants

We all love comfortable clothes, and finding versatile comfortable clothes is helpful. I like to be able to run to the store real quick and not have to change my clothes to do it either.

With these Yoga Lounge Pants from Dash Hemp I can run to the store and not feel like I am wearing my PJ’s.

Dash Hemp’s Yoga Lounge Pants

These are quite possibly the most comfortable house pants I own. I have 3 pairs now and plan on buying at least 3 more. I don’t even do Yoga, but I love these pants.

When I am at home relaxing comfortable clothes are top of the list. I have several items to choose from, but I find myself constantly wanting to wear my Dash Hemp Yoga Pants. This is why I now have 3 pairs and want more.

They are the most comfortable pants I have ever owned. They keep me warm in the winter months with no extra layers, and cool in the summer months.

Being constructed from hemp fibers, they are naturally anti fungal and antibacterial which means they will not hold odors. Hemp also has natural wicking abilities, this means that it wisps the moisture away from your skin, and quickly dries so the fabric does become wet and heavy wet either.

Another fact about clothing made from hemp fibers is: the fabric last much longer, and is easier to care for than most other fabrics. It is less likely to stain, not impossible, just less likely. At $69.99 I can afford to buy them, and they feel like they will last for a long time

Why Buy Dash Hemp

Dash Hemp Santa Cruz is a US formed clothing manufacturer that began with the dream of making clothing that lasts longer and looks great too at an affordable price. They care about the environment and the consumer.

When you check out their website you will learn a lot about them and what they stand for. Which is quality clothing at affordable prices, that is good for the environment, economy, and consumer.

They have outstanding, friendly customer service, and great shipping (free Priority on $100 and over). And they stand behind their products. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, just return your product and you get a full refund.

Just A Few Quick Facts About Hemp and It’s Fibers

Hemp is a close relative of the well-known Marijuana plant, one of its least known relatives is the hops plant. While both relatives can be used to produce a high of some sort, hemp itself cannot produce a high at all.

It is better used for industrial purposes, such as paper, clothing, textiles, oils, fuels, plastics, etc…, and recently noted for medicinal purposes as well with the CBD oils and such.

When the fibers are used to make textiles and fabrics, the end products are able to sustain weathering and use for many years beyond the competitor’s products.

There are over 25,000 uses for the hemp plant, aside from that amazing fact, the only amazing thing is that we are not utilizing this plant for all it is worth.

As always, thank you for reading my review, please feel free to leave a comment below with your experience with or questions about Dash Hemp Santa Cruz.

Stacie Fortson

Go Green With Hemp

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