NEW Hemp Oil Infused Skin Cream From Civilized Cosmetics: Moisturzing Apple Stem Cell Skin Cream With Hemp Review

Civilized Cosmetics' LogoCivilized Cosmetics has a wonderful reputation for creating quality skin care products, that are safe for you and the environment.

From the beginning, Civilized Cosmetics has held to making and selling beauty products that contain all natural and harmless ingredients.

Their goal is to create and offer a line skin care and beauty products with healthier ingredients and to lessen the amount of harmful harsh chemicals that many popular brands use, and maintain high quality products.

This line just got a lot better, with the addition of hemp infused skin care products.

What Is So Beneficial About Hemp Infused Skin Care Products?

The hemp seed oil contains a lot of essential fatty acids. These fatty acids are amino acids like omega 3 & 6 at a perfect 3:1 ratio. They are just as important to our skin as they are to the functioning of our bodies internally.

Our bodies cannot create the essential fatty acids that are found in hemp seed oil, but require them. Any vitamin or mineral listed as essential, your body needs but cannot create, so you must find it in a supplement or through your diet.

Hemp seed oil just happens to be good for us inside and out. Hemp oil used even as a topical, has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce acne and other skin issues. Not to mention that it is very absorbent and leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated.

When they combined hemp seed oil with Civilized Cosmetics’ other all natural ingredients, such as the apple stem you get a fabulous product with outstanding results.

That was the very case with:


  • Natural Apple stem cells are rich in epigenetic factors and metabolites
  • Helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Promotes the longevity of skin cells
  • For optimal results, apply to face & neck areas twice daily
  • Hemp Infused
  • Excellent cold cream for winters

    $28.00 USD was $37.00 us

  • Contents: 1 oz.


This skin cream is made from all natural apple stem cells from a rare apple tree, the Uttwiler Spätlauber apple tree, from Switzerland.

These rare and special apples have been found to possess regenerating and longevity properties.

Combined with the wonderful and organic hemp seed oil, created a powerhouse product that has epigenetic and metabolites factors.

While this is a new product for Civilized Cosmetics, the apple stem cell research is not new, nor is the use of hemp oil for skin care.

These apples were found to have an extended shelf life, which brought on curiosities from scientist. And the research began!

Between 2004 and 2008, Mibelle Biochemistry developed the stem cell extract that has anti-wrinkling and anti-aging properties, that is now used in many cosmetic brands.

Epigenetics And Metabolites? What Exactly Are These?

Epigenetics: Epi; the Greek prefix meaning extra or on top of, genetics is the study heredity and the various adaptations of inherited characteristics.

So, epigenetics is the research of heritable phenotype changes that do not involve changing the DNA sequence.

So in layman’s terms, by this product possessing epigenetic properties, it has the ability of changing or altering exterior elements connected with DNA, and the alterations or changes could, possibly, be passed to following generations.

This alone was a huge break through in science let alone skin care, as you can imagine. Also, this finding opened the door for more plant based stem cell research.

Metabolites: There are two types of metabolites, primary and secondary. We are looking at the secondary metabolites for our purposes.

Primary metabolites directly affect your metabolism. Some great examples of common primary metabolites are lactic acid and certain amino acids as well.

Secondary metabolites have an important ecological function that differ from plant to human. For plants the function is a defense against herbivory and other inter species defenses. For humans, it is the use of medicines, flavorings, pigments, and recreational drugs.

Some common examples of secondary metabolites are ergot alkaloids, antibiotics, terpenoids, and growth factors are a few.

These both occur naturally in the stem cells of the apples, it is not artificially created, and no harsh chemicals are used in the extraction process.

Why Buy From Civilized Cosmetics

The mission of Civilized Cosmetics is as follows:

“To provide non-toxic, sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free beauty products that perform, look and feel like premium traditional cosmetics.”
They do not use toxic ingredients nor do they use animal based ingredients.

With a mission like that and the wonderful goals of Civilized Cosmetics, the real question is, why aren’t you already buying from them? Place an order today, I have my Moisturizing Apple Stem Cell Skin Cream With Hemp on the way now!

As with most beauty products, the return and refund policy is 30 days, the product must be unopened and in the same condition it arrived. You can get a replacement or apply for a refund. This a typical return and refund policy for most beauty products.

I would love to hear what you think about Civilized Cosmetics and infusing hemp oil and apple stem cells to create a power house skin cream. Feel free to leave your comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

As always, thank you for reading my review.

Stacie Fortson

Go Green With Hemp

6 thoughts on “NEW Hemp Oil Infused Skin Cream From Civilized Cosmetics: Moisturzing Apple Stem Cell Skin Cream With Hemp Review”

  1. This is a great article about a great company. I really prefer natural products to the artificial stuff. Thanks for clarifying the meaning of essential because I see it around a lot but Its meaning can sometimes be confusing depending on the context. This is a very interesting post for me because I like science and remember studying genetics.

    I like the fact that the products are vegan and cruelty-free because to me it is more sustainable in the long run and makes me proud to support the brand. I am definitely excited to purchase from Civilized Cosmetics after reading this.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Renton,

      Thank you for visiting my site and reading my review. 

      I agree Civilized Cosmetics is one great company. 

      We need beauty products that are vegan and cruelty free, I don’t even use most make up because I have such sensitive skin, I either end up with a rash or some other unpleasant skin ailment.

      This cream I am looking forward to trying, whereas, I am usually nervous.


  2. Hi Stacie

    You have covered the product and company really well in this review – Thank you.

    As you say, with the life affirming mission statement that they have why would anybody not be buying Hemp Oil Infused Skin Cream From Civilized Cosmetics.  It makes sense on all levels and a steak with the price drop too.

    I was just wondering whether the product can be used by people with any skin type, and can it be used by men too?



    1. Mark,

      Thank you for visiting my site and reading my review. 

      I did not read any warnings or special skin types for this product at all. I am positive that men could use this as well. I am not sure of the fragrance as mine has not arrived yet. 

      That would be the only draw back for some men, if the frangrance was highly floral. Being an all natural product, I would imagine it would have a subtle aroma versus a heavy perfume.

      Again thanks for stopping by, and please feel free to check back in and subscribe to my site for updates.


  3. I will follow the amazon link for my purchase soon, Civilised cosmetics, are they new in town? I’ve just being wondering about a skin care that is hemp infused and cruelty free. I will get mine and spread the miracle too.

    Of course, I will also send you feedbacks on the health care product as soon as I start using it. Thank you

    1. Olatoye,

      Thank you for visiting my site and reading my review. 

      Civilized Cosmetics is fairly new,  in 2017 by Raymond Cole, Founder and CEO, brought Civilized Cosmetics to life.

      I look forward to hearing your evaluation of this skin cream.


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