Hemp Not Just For CBD: The Very Fiber

With so many issues with our environment these days, we really need some alternative renewable resources.

Hemp is a rapidly regrowing natural resource, and so very many products could be made from it. It makes perfect sense to use these items, and one should wonder why we have not been.

Pro-Hemp Poster
Pro-Hemp Poster

Even if the Government didn’t want us to use Industrial Hemp as a renewable resource, we the American public, should have stood up and said, “Well that’s all fine and dandy, but we are not using petroleum based products because they are not safe in the long run.”

But we did not, instead we became the sheep they wanted and went onto using the petroleum based products they shoved in our faces, in place of industrial hemp products.

Well now it’s time to stop being “sheep” and make some smart consumer decisions that will save our planet in the long run. Yes, these products cost a little more right now, but the more we demand them, the lower the cost eventually becomes.

This is because they have to be mass-produced versus being produced on smaller scales as they are now. Alas, the products become the “norm” in our daily lives, and in turn our planet slowly begins the healing process.

Here are a few product ideas that we could implement into our daily lives and start making some wonderful changes for our planet.

Quality Hemp Writing And Drawing Paper

Egg Shell Hemp Paper
Egg Shell Hemp Paper

Paper made from hemp is superior to that made of wood pulp. To start with hemp has the perfect genealogy for making paper as it has a high level of cellulose, wood does not. When making paper from wood the process is very unfriendly to the environment as it requires the use of poisonous chemicals that contaminate the large amounts of water used in the making.

Making paper from hemp is not like this at all, with the high amounts of cellulose there is no need for the poisonous chemicals to be used, nor is there a large amount of water use in the process. And the paper is of a much higher quality, is more recyclable, last longer, and is naturally acid free.

Manila Hemp Paper Close-Up
Manila Hemp Paper Close-up

By continuing to use trees for making paper, we are essentially ravaging three natural resources that we desperately need. Our water supply, our air supply, and our trees. I don’t see the harm in checking out these products and buying one or all. Follow the title link to check out a nice deal on hemp paper.

Hemp Skin Care Products

Who knew that hemp seed oil would turn out to be extremely good for your skin?!? I had no clue, but apparently it is one of the best skin care products available. It contains a lot of much-needed fatty acids that our bodies don’t create at all but are very helpful, like omega 3 and omega 6. It helps to maintain a healthy moisture level which can help with premature aging, and it seems that it can help with acne, eczema, and psoriasis as well.

Why on earth isn’t this in every skin care product? It seems like we got the shaft when hemp was lumped with marijuana, and farmers stopped growing it!

Hemp Clothing Apparel

When it comes to our clothes, we care very much what they are made of and how they look and feel. There are so many fabrics to choose from, have you tried hemp fabric?

It is available in many colors and textures, and it is said to be stronger and last longer than cotton. Instead of wearing out like cotton, hemp cloth just gets softer and more comfortable.

Hemp fabric also is less likely to mold or mildew because of its anti-bacterial properties. And the fabric is breathable, so it has the ability to wick moisture away from your body, and it does not hold odors.

The fibers can also be made into textiles such as carpet and rugs, and ropes and cables as the fibers are very strong! I read somewhere that hemp netting can be stronger than steel in some applications. That totally blew me away, and yes I encourage you to look it up!

You can buy shoes and accessories, like hand bags and jewelry, made of hemp as well. The list of items one can buy that are made of hemp or contain hemp is just astounding!

So knowing what you know now about hemp cloth and textile uses, are you wondering even more as to why this plant was put into such a dark corner for so long? You can visit https://en.m.wikipedia.org for even more information on hemp fabric.

Bio-diesel And Ethanol

This is probably one of the best kept secrets! The big oil companies do not want you to wake up and smell this coffee, but I sure do!

Well now I have seen it all! What a total shame that this fuel has not been on the market for years! It is much safer for the environment than any of the fuels made from petroleum!

This fuel is said to be safer to make and transport, and if it spills, it is totally biodegradable. I can see that this is an issue for the oil companies as they cannot offer such safety precautions.

You can check this out at www.cannopycorp.com, they have a wonderful article about bio fuels. 

Hemp Really Can Be The Very Fiber Of Our Society

Hemp Fabric Product Variety Box
Hemp Fabric Product Variety Box

If we stop and look at what all hemp can be used for in our everyday lives, and the impact it has on our environment to use it. One has to ask themselves why we are not utilizing this plant for all it is worth?!?

Personally I think we should put a ban on buying any product that we deem harmful to the environment and replace it with a hemp based replica. We have to start somewhere and being a lazy society, we really are, this is a very simple and stealthy proposal of change.

To me, it just makes sense to start acting now if you have not already begun, we can only take our planet for granted for so long. Then we get an eviction notice in the form of Global Warming and Ice Ages and Catastrophic Weather Conditions.

The only requirement from the public is to buy hemp products no matter what they are, and support your local hemp grower. Vote for laws that benefit farmers to grow hemp, and bills that encourage scientists to research the full potentials of hemp.

Hemp Harvesting
Hemp Harvesting

I would love to hear what you think about this article. Please feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you

Stacie Fortson

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Go Green With Hemp: Not Just About CDB Oils

Go Green With Hemp Logo

The goal of Go Green With Hemp is to promote all the products associated with hemp, not just the CBD Oils. There are way too many wonderful products that can be made to only focus on one.

These products are all environmentally safe, some are made for humans and animals to consume as food and medicine, while others are usable items and products. This plant is not just “another” go green alternative, it is “The Go To” green planet saver.

Industrial hemp is a renewable resource that is not being utilized like it should. From before 1776 until about 1940 it was grown and utilized in the United States. Hemp was brought with the settlers to grow for England, then after the War of Independence, the colonist continued to grow it for the United States.

In those days it was mandatory to grow hemp on every farm and you could pay your taxes with it as well. It was used to make all the ropes and sails on the battleships, as well as clothes, paper, lamp oil, medicine and more. Hemp was being used as it should be versus barely being utilized at all, like now.

Growing Industrial Hemp Is Easy

Hemp grows very fast just like a weed maybe faster than some of those too, its only like 120 days from seed to harvest. And it will grow practically anywhere. Requiring very little care if any when properly planted, just water it once in a while if it hasn’t rained, and pray for sunny days. It can be replanted in the same field repeatedly, as long as you add fertilizer once a year to replace any nutrients to the soil, any crop field would require this as well. Most crops you cannot grow consecutively as you can hemp.

As for when to harvest, I am sure that depends on what you are growing your hemp for. If you are growing for making fiber, you do not want your plants to flower, so you will harvest sooner. If you are growing for CBD Oils, you want to let your plants flower or if you are growing for seeds you will let your plants go to seed, you will wait the 120 days. Seeds come from the male plants and the females grow the flowers, so that is why it is the same amount of time for both, same plant type but a different sex.

You don’t have to use pesticides because not many bugs are really attracted to hemp. That’s a huge bonus in my opinion!!

The List of Products That Can Be Made Is Staggering

There are said to be well over 25,000 products that can be made from industrial hemp, all of which are biodegradable. I could list them all but I am not going to because that is just way too much for one article. I am going to mention a few at least.

It is hard to decide where to start, there are so many.

Health and beauty products of all sorts including lotions, soaps, shampoos & conditioners, and much more. House hold detergents can also be made from hemp.

Anything you can make from common fabrics that you find in stores like, cotton and rayon, you can make from hemp as well. Fabric made from hemp is softer and more durable than cotton as well. The fibers are strong enough to make carpets, rope, and sails as well.

By far the most shocking for me to find out is that plastics can be made from hemp fibers. Totally recyclable and biodegradable plastics, I think it ridiculous that we are not using industrial hemp, and this proves it.

Also, the car body made completely from hemp, that was pretty mind blowing. And it is said to be very resilient to weather and damage. Then there is the fact that bio diesel fuel and ethanol fuel can both be made from hemp to power your “hemp body” vehicle. Both are better than the alternatives, and better for the environment.

Don’t get me started on paper. Boy this one fires me up! Not only is hemp paper better quality than wood pulp paper, it has a better recycling ability as well. Most importantly no trees are involved in making it! Hemp regenerates at a much faster rate than trees and supplies 4 times the amount of paper than trees per acre. Any paper product can be made from hemp fibers from toilet tissue to cardboard boxes.

So many trees are cut every day that don’t need to be, we have lost irreplaceable much-needed echo systems around the world due to clear cutting projects.

What an atrocity!

The Medical Benefits Being Researched

Wow a medicine too! It is definitely being researched in many areas, as this plant has been found to be able to affect almost every biological event in the human body and possibly animals as well.

Studies are being done on a number of these events such as; anxiety disorders, epilepsy and seizure disorders, fears and phobias, pain and inflammation, chronic inflammation and autoimmune disease, and affects on many types of cancer.

That is profoundly amazing to me.

Environmentally Safe All The Way Around

So lets see, every single product is environmentally friendly in all ways. That means no matter how we utilize this plant we will not harm the planet in any way that has been mentioned.

This is possibly the safest and most usable “green” product on the market, and no one really cared to know much about it until recently. That’s a very bad secret to keep! This should have been shouted from the roof tops!

This is a huge injustice to the WORLD!

Industrial Hemp Is The Way To Go

Our fore-fathers were so right to make it mandatory to grow hemp. They knew back then that hemp was the way to go. Big money corporations won out over what was better for mankind and the planet.

However, it is not too late. We can stop clear cutting trees, and stop pumping crude oil from the ground and plant hemp nationwide, and in a fairly short amount of time, we would start seeing the benefits. I don’t think it would take very long. The planet needs time to heal from the mistakes allowed, and we need to give it a break!

With this plant being so very easy to grow and all the super wonderful environmentally friendly products that can be made from it, industrial hemp is the way to go in my opinion.

How this plant was allowed to lose its glorious reputation is beyond me!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Stacie Fortson

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If Hemp is So Wonderful, Why Isn’t It A Major Cash Crop?

Hemp Plants

Hemp and Marijuana have both been used since the dawn of time by several ancient civilizations to current day. It has been proven that hemp and marijuana have been used for over 10,000 years by many civilizations for many reasons.

Hemp was used for paper, clothes, sails, rope, lamp oil, and medicinal purposes. Whereas marijuana has been used for spiritual, and medicinal reasons.

Why would this plant, after so many years of use, become so degraded by the public? This just doesn’t make much sense.

What could possibly have changed everyone’s mind about a plant they knew was creating so many goods and medicine?

First Grown In The US For The Royal Crown

In the early 1600s England forced American farmers to grow hemp for the royal crown, it was nothing new to the farmers as they had been growing hemp for the Crown before the venture to the Americas.

Of course the settlers used the hemp as well for personal uses, as they needed clothing, lamp oils, rope, paper, medicine and other goods that were made from hemp as well.

Thus started the history of hemp in the United States.

Grown By Our Fore Fathers

After the War of Independence, hemp was continued to be farmed only for our own use on our battleships. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both grew hemp, and it was hemp from Jefferson’s farm that the Declaration of Independence is written on. Yes you read that correctly, the Declaration of Independence was written on Hemp Paper, as well as The Constitution of The United States,ironic don’t you think?

In these days it was illegal NOT to grow hemp. Every farmer had hemp growing somewhere on his property by law. Hemp could be used in trade and to pay taxes, wouldn’t that be something if you could send the IRS some hemp for your taxes today.

Painting clip
Another Piece of the Painting

Farmers continued to grow industrial hemp for many years to follow. Henry Ford needed a fuel for his diesel engine that he invented and he knew it would require fuel made from either vegetables or hemp seed, so he created the first bio fuel with hemp seed. Which was soon replaced with a petroleum based product.

The Smear Campaign

So lets see we have farmers mass growing hemp by order of the law, for the production of many of our goods and inventors creating even more products from it. How could this come to an end? Competition is how!

The, soon to be big, oil companies, cotton growers and other synthetic fabric makers got together and decided that hemp was too much of a competitor that people had relied on for years.

So they made up this fantastic story that hemp and marijuana were the same thing, mind altering drugs that would threaten the safety of our young teens and society in a whole.

Propaganda movies were made about hemp and marijuana to scare the public and it worked apparently. A tax was put on hemp growers that made it not worthy of growing anymore. And that ended most of the hemp grown in the United States for many years.

Thomas Jefferson and George Washington probably flipped in their graves over this. Could you even imagine what they would have thought.

George Washington pretty much said it was the backbone of America and our country would thrive with its use. So I couldn’t imagine he would be very happy with this turn of changes.

Attempted Resurrection

During World War ll, the American government decided that we need hemp grown for the war. A new movie was made telling farmers that hemp was good again and it was their duty to grow it to support war efforts.

Influencing farmers with facts about hemp such as; you get 4× the amount of paper from one acre of hemp vs. one acre of trees, making fuel, and more goods that our troops needed.

The government was willing to pay the taxes and set farmers up with the machinery and everything they needed to grow and harvest.

Then the war ended and this left farmers with broken contracts and promises, and unpaid for equipment left on the farms.

Hemp went back to being taxed highly for growing and not many farmers were not interested, so it just died off again.

Where We Are Now

With the strong presence of hemp in history in general, one truly wonders how it got such a bad name. Well those smear campaigns were very strong and a lot of people believed it to be totally true.

Only one or two films were made that promoted it as being good and in need. And many that were intended to scare the public, had the biggest impact and stuck over the one or two good films.

When they lumped hemp with marijuana and labeled them both evil it took decades for that impact to grow out of our thinking. Now we are re-educating ourselves and seeing the error that was made.

Just think of how many trees would still be in existence if paper was made of hemp still. That alone should be enough to say Go Green With Hemp in my opinion. We lost acres upon acres of rain forests in the United States alone and began threatening our own echo system, and this all over people being afraid of competition.

I think it’s time we make a stand and say we want hemp products and we want them now! If we refused to buy paper made with wood pulp it would force paper companies to use ulterior materials, preferably hemp, and it would make an immediate huge impact on our environment.


Its time we take back control of our rights as people! We need to stand up for what is right and not be swayed.

This is not just about the right to smoke weed, or use CBD oils, this is our very existence at stake.

No I don’t think that hemp alone can save our planet, it will also take people to change their way of life a little here and there to help. I do think it’s a big step and one that never should have been such an issue.

I would love to hear what you think on this issue. Please feel free to leave a comment either in favor or against, there is nothing wrong with a good debate.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article.

Stacie Fortson

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