Hemp Made Plastics: Are They Available

European Hemp Field

As of right now there are some hemp made plastics available on the market. The more laws we change the more hemp made plastic products you will see. You will see an increase in many hemp products, not just plastic.

Most of the progress that I have seen with hemp products have come from California and Colorado. Colorado is in the lead for plastics as of right now too.

This is a screenshot from my phone to show that Colorado is leading the way with this! All it takes to start saving our planet is changing some laws and growing some hemp! We have the geniuses to create our products that we need already!! They are bored and need something to do too!

Screenshot from my Galaxy S6

This is a much-needed change for our environment! Hemp products are biodegradable and more recyclable than other products available. With as renewable as hemp is, we will not run short on the supply as long as there are farmers willing to grow it.

Right now most of our hemp products are either imported or the hemp fiber is imported so the product can be made. This is way more expensive of a production than need be. And creates higher prices for the consumer in the long run, how crazy is that!?!

If we grew our own hemp the cost of production would drop significantly, and we would have more American made products on our shelves at better prices for the consumer, that are better for the environment. And they would help significantly improve our economy as well. That is clearly a win win for the United States.

Molded Plastics

There are quite a few companies that are using hemp in their plastics and composite materials. The uses vary depending on the need as with any material.

Ford, GM, BMW, and quite a few other car manufacturers use hemp in the creation of the interior plastic door panels and more. Pretty much anything that is hard plastic inside and out. Your gas cap probably contains hemp products and all the fixtures around the lights that are plastic.

Hemp Plastic Molding for Car Assembly
Hemp Resin Sink Basin

There are building supplies that contain hemp like the molded sinks and bathtubs. PVC could be made from hemp, and should be with as much is used in the construction of one house or office building alone!

Clear Plastics

The screenshot I provided above is the first I have heard of clear plastics like water bottles and straws, which are two of the major environmental crusades right now, and rightfully so! This is why we need to change some laws, I should be able to find a bunch of hemp made plastic items available. You can reach the company’s website at www.growhempcolorado.com

Hemp Made Plastics Could Help The Environment A Lot

As I stated we need to change the laws so we don’t see more of this!

Plastics and Other Pollution in Water Ways

Our oceans are so filled with plastics and other crap that just won’t biodegrade. It washes up on beaches, and if you are out in the ocean you can come across mass collections of plastic bottles and junk that is just there forever, I guess. It was not there in the past, before these harmful petroleum based plastics were created!

Recycling Bins

No matter what we change to making our plastics out of we still have to remember to recycle, it is still important! Even with totally biodegradable plastics, at the rate we use them and dispose of them, we would be facing issues without recycling. They may not be as alarming, but issues are issues.

I will be researching more on this topic as it is just as important at the fuel and paper.

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Thank you as always.

Stacie Fortson

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Hemp Clothing Offered On Amazon: A Variety of Choices For Your Entire Wardrobe and More

Industrial Hemp Fiber

Hemp fibers can be made into fabrics of many textures from burlap to fine linen. It is all in the processing of the fiber that pertains to the outcome of the fabric. There are many products in the fabric world that can be made from hemp.

These items can be worn every day and not wear out, they just get more comfortable. It is said that hemp is the strongest fiber known to mankind. It can withstand weather and salty sea and ocean air, and it can be gentle enough to use for a baby diaper.

Apparently we could save some money on clothes if we had the option to buy more items made with hemp fibers. The cotton we were sold on as “the fabric of our lives” should actually be called the “fabric that breaks our wallets”.

Hemp Shirts and Pants

Knowing that you can get hemp clothes that last longer makes you wonder what they look like. Are they all hippie styles or are there other fashion genres as well?

There are many fashion genres that you can buy hemp made clothing in. You can buy from a plain basic white t-shirt all the way to jeans or a suite and tie. You just have to do your research before you buy.

There are companies such as Dash Hemp Santa Cruz, and Chiefton Supply Co., based in Denver Colorado that grow their own hemp, harvest, and process it and make their own fabrics as well.

Dash Hemp offers an extensive line of very fashionable apparel for men and women. Just follow the link above to read my review of their products and visit their site to make your purchase.

That is not the only company, there are many, you just have to search for them. I have some interesting finds from Amazon that are affordable and fashionable as well. Like these ONNO men’s t-shirts on Amazon.com they are 55% hemp and 45% cotton. I think the price tag of $29.00 is fair honestly.

I also found a nice pair of Effort’s Men’s Hemp/Organic Cotton Drawstring pants with back pockets, that look extremely comfortable. They are also 55% hemp and 45% cotton. The price on these pants is quite normal as well, selling for $60.95.

Knowing that hemp fabrics last longer than those made of cotton, I know exactly what I am shopping for next when it comes to the material my clothing is made from.

Socks and Undergarments Made With Hemp

Hemp is one of the best fibers for our undergarments to be made of, as it has the ability to wick moisture away from your skin. Which means that it can pull moisture from your skin and draw it to the surface of the material so it evaporates quicker. I have heard that term so many times and never knew the exact definition of it.

Having dry socks is very important no matter what you are doing! With hemp’s ability to wick moisture from the skin this makes it ideal for socks and underwear. I have found some really great items on Amazon that I will share with you.


The socks are 67% hemp and 23% organic cotton, Organic Hemp Socks for Men, come in a three pack. These socks not only keep your feet drier, but the hemp also aides with antibacterial, anti fungal, and makes them naturally hypoallergenic. Seriously what more could you ask for from a pair of socks?! Comfort you say, well they are also very comfortable being lightweight and breathable.

For your private parts, I found some very nice and comfortable looking boxers by ilovebad organics.

They do not contain as much hemp as cotton like my other items, but at least they have hemp in them, and that was what I was shooting for. They are 28% hemp, 64% cotton, and 8% Lycra. The price is $24.00 a pair, which seems kind of expensive. But if you think about the quality, longer life span, and the benefits’ hemp provides, isn’t it worth a little extra, especially to cover your privates.

Shoes and Accessories To Complete Your Outfit

Shoes of all sorts can be made from hemp. Not just the top fabric part but the entire shoe can contain hemp by products. Companies like Nike and Adidas are jumping on board with creating hemp shoes.

Hemp Shoe

This is important to see happen, with big name companies creating lines of hemp products, it says to the world, that it is more than okay to use hemp products. And it helps with my crusade to make hemp become part of our everyday lives.

Jewelry of all sorts can be made from hemp to accessorize your hemp outfits. Even Hand bags can be made from hemp. Some of these items can look a little dated, but who says fashion has to die just because a decade ended.

There are some very beautiful pieces of jewelry that are crafted with hemp. It can have a hippie look and it can be very elegant looking as well. I am not saying that everyone should stop buying the typical gold and silver jewelry, but give hemp a chance and look up some newer items that have been created.

Handbags constructed of hemp can get very elaborate in design or they can be super simple. This is one of those items that is versatile in construction. Women all over have different tastes in their personal handbags. From what I have seen out there you can get just about any look you desire.

I found one that I like a lot on Amazon, it is made by Baynne. This is a new item on their site and is starting at $11.00!! What a steal for this quality bag. I particularly like the rope handles, I don’t know exactly why, but maybe it’s the old fashion side of me. This is a bargain no lady should miss out on!

Linens and More For The Household

We can buy sheets that are some best quality linen on the market. They are not cheap right now for 100% hemp, but you can get a mix with organic cotton that is less expensive. You can get them in a natural look that is a bit more organic, or you can buy very high quality, it depends on your budget and needs.

Just like the socks and undies, these sheets have the ability to wick moisture from the skin, a sweaty night could be a whole new thing with these. And they are antibacterial, anti fungal, hypoallergenic, so they won’t get stinky and they are good for those with allergies.

The New Fabric Of Our Lives

With hemp’s superior quality all the way around, compared to cotton, I think I have to go with hemp. To me it just makes sense.

If the items I buy are going to be of the same quality or better as far as appearance, but last longer or have a better usable quality, I’m all in. Because to me, that says I should rethink what I have been spending my money on all these years, and change it up.

Cotton has been the so called “fabric of our lives” for years, but I think that with the superior quality that Industrial Hemp offers that title might have to be given to Industrial Hemp.

I would love to hear what you think about this article, and the products I have mentioned, and the ones I have links for you to check out and buy.

Thank you as always.

Stacie Fortson

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