Hemp In Food: Are You Serious

Oh yes, I am very serious about this!

When you find a food product that contains hemp seed, you should consider trying the item.

Hemp is loaded with nutritional benefits! It is very high in protein, omega 3 and omega 6 with the perfect balance as well, antioxidants, and iron; this is considered one of our super food sources.

For vegetarians and vegans this is a big bonus! It is hard to find a plant that is this high in protein, and digests well. Hemp is the plant we have been searching for.

Hemp plant matured to seed

You will find that hemp helps to boost your immune system with its rich antioxidants, used in conjunction with other sources of antioxidants, you will build your system up and tolerate more germs in your environment.

The high levels of protein make this a perfect food for physically active people. If you are an athlete or a soccer mom, you could benefit from introducing hemp foods into your diet. Protein is crucial in the growth, repair, and maintenance of our muscles. Who doesn’t need that?

Hemp is probably the absolute best plant-based sources of protein, containing all nine essential amino acids, and it is easy for our bodies to digest. This is a rare find in the plant-protein world.

Another bonus, is the fiber you get from hemp seed. It is so hard to fit all the daily fiber in with the average diet, not if you have hemp seed in your diet. And it does not taste bad, it has a wonderful mild nutty flavor that complements most foods.

In the end eating food that contains hemp seed could help you live longer, as with any super food added in. Eat what is good for you and you will have a better quality of life and possibly live longer.

What you put into your body is what you get out of it. If you put a bunch of junk food in expect a junky body that is tired and possibly obese. If you put the super foods in you will have super results.

I have some examples of hemp seed food choices. You are welcome to click on any of the links and buy any of the products if they appeal to you.

Raw and Toasted Hemp Hearts

These seeds are said to have a nice nutty flavor, similar to that of the sunflower seed. I personally love sunflower seeds, so adding hemp seeds to my diet will be a nice addition.

You can get hemp seeds toasted or raw it depends on your preference. I have noticed that the raw hemp seeds get better reviews. When I order mine, I plan on ordering raw ones, I am sure if I want to tast them I can.

It is recommended to sprinkle them on salads, cereal, oatmeal, and yogurt, you can add them to smoothies and shakes or just eat them right from the bag. This will add a nice flavor and enhance the nutrion level of any of the dishes.

Each 30-gram serving of Just Hemp Foods 100% Natural Hemp Seeds contain 10 grams protein, and 12 grams Omegas.

Adding these to your diet would not only be easy and tasty, but it would benefit in so many ways.

Hemp Milk

When it comes to milk, we all should know that we are not meant to drink milk from another animal. This may be why we have lactose intolerant people out there. Well, we can get our rich creamy milk from other sources as well.

Tempt Hemp Milk is creamy and delicious and refreshing, have you ever heard of cow’s milk described as “refreshing”? Me either. It is also loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, good fats like omega 3 and omega 6. Cow’s milk does not have these wonderful qualities, and as I said before, we are not supposed to drink milk from other animals.

I personally am not lactose intolerant, but I do not care for most dairy items, cow’s milk being the main one. I can barely drink cow’s milk due to the thick sludgy feeling it gives me, I feel like the inside of my mouth was coated with paint. Yuck!! And it makes my stomach feel very full.

I am definitely going to be trying some hemp milk! I would love to be able to enjoy a milk shake again. There is such a thing as hemp ice cream as well, which would make this even better for me. I can hardly wait!

Hemp Seed Coffee and Tea

Coffee too!! Wow this just keeps getting better. I did not know that hemp seeds could be combined with coffee. I am an avid coffee drinker, and I could use an additive that is good for me.

ELEV8 has combined their finest roast with the hemp seeds to create a nutty rich flavor, that contains all the health benefits of the hemp seed. Getting your omega 3 and omega 6 has never been easier if you drink more coffee than you consume food.

This company has turned coffee into a health beverage! How wonderful for all us coffee connoisseurs. With the omegas, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals this make your cup of java turn into a drink that promotes cardiovascular benefits, while the soluble and insoluble fibers naturally cleanse your colon and reduce your sugar cravings.

What a great way to start your day!

Hemp Flour

You get hemp flour when you remove all the oils from the seed. When this is done it leaves a dense cake that must be ground for flour. You have to add other flours to it for baking as it is entirely too dense on its own.

When combined with another flour type, it brings out a nutty rich flavor and huge nutritional benefits. Breads will be a bit heavier and chewier with a ratio of 1 part hemp flour : 4 parts another flour (wheat, barley, soy, rice, etc…). It is totally gluten free so it will not rise on its own.

When added to baked goods it provides a good serving of fiber, lots of omegas essential fatty acids, and increases the digestible proteins.

You do not have to cook this flour to use it either, you can add it directly to salads and shakes, or any beverage. Or you can add it to other cookable items like muffins, waffles, cakes, breads, etc… Either way you will get the nutritional benefits.

Bulgar Herbs offers a quality product with their organic hemp flour sold on Amazon for only $15.60 for 7 0z.

Hemp2O Vitamin Water

This water is packed with the B vitamins including B12, and all the essential omegas. Just as with all hemp products. This is water with a super kick.

You can get this water in a number of flavors. And it is said to enhance your energy, and quench your thirst. On Amazon I only found it in one flavor, apricot/blueberry, which is a wonderful flavor. I would imagine that it would go very well with the hemp as well.

This would be good for all athletes for sure, and anyone that is in need of some extra vitamins and omegas. Which is pretty much, all of us to be honest.

Hemp Seed Veggie Burgers and Hot Dogs

Healthy burgers and hot dogs, someone had the junk-food junky in mind, you gotta love it. Now this covers all the bases I think. If you can make hamburgers and hot dogs from hemp seed and other grains, what more does America need?

What is better than grilling burgers and dogs on the 4th of July? Grilling Hemp Burgers and Hemp Dogs that’s what!

This can be a tasty burger, with the right ingredients added. There are a number of grains that can be added for a wonderful rich flavor, such as, barley, quinoa, chickpeas, and more. It is all in the taste buds of the creator.

You will get more digestible protein from these burgers than meat based burgers! And they are good for your heart as well. There is no cholesterol in these and they are high in fiber, that makes your heart happy!

This is better than the icing on the cake!

Hemp Vodka?!

Colorado Gold Distillery created what Peter Caciola, owner, says may be the best damn Vodka he has made. His goal is to match and beat the world’s best spirit distillers. He named is hemp vodka, Colorado High.

Making this vodka was not an easy process, it took the distillery about 4 years to perfect it. But in the end their perseverance paid off, they created the very first and only U.S. produced vodka that was fermented and distilled with real natural raw hemp.

I have not tried this vodka yet, but it is said to be a very clean, and easy drinking vodka. It does not have the typical vodka bite, it goes down smoothly, with a subtle nutty sweetness.

And it is not just Vodka, there is hemp infused beer and wine too! Okay, so now the 4th just got even better! Grilling our hemp burgers and hot dogs while drinking our favorite hemp beer or mixed drink!

I will not have a link for this but you can go to your local liquor store and see if they are carrying any alcohol that contains hemp. I will suggest trying to find some Colorado High, however.


Is There Anything Hemp Can’t Be Used For?

I have been surprised when it comes to the answer to this question. Every item I have come up with to see if hemp can be used in it in some way, the answer is yes.

The only concern I have about my findings, is why on earth are we not utilizing this plant more! It can be used for food and beverages, fabrics and textiles, fuel, building materials, health and beauty products, supplements, plastics and more.

This plant has so many uses that are very beneficial, that it actually make no sense at all as to why we are not using hemp in our everyday lives.

I would love to hear your opinion on this subject. Please feel free to leave a comment, no matter what your opinion is.

If your not in favor of this plant being used on such a large scale, I would love to hear why. If you are in favor I would love your feedback as well. Both sides make for a great discussion.

Thank you as always.

Stacie Fortson

Go Green With Hemp

What Benefits Come From Using CDB Oils and Other Hemp Products?

Oil Bottle and Dish

A lot of people want to know “what are the benefits from using hemp based products such as CBD oils and other products?”. Well that list is long, and all the answers pertain directly to personal benefit.

You benefit in many ways such as your health, this is becoming known as a “super food”, taking an all natural supplement your body doesn’t have to filter out any unwanted ingredients, helping the environment by using biodegradable products and saving trees, and you can find a variety of hemp-based products readily available.

This is a wonderful product and I wish more people would start utilizing all hemp-based products, the list is long and some of the uses may amaze you, I know it amazed me. Like, did you know that plastic can be made from hemp and its very biodegradable, talk about amazing!

I do want to stress that I do not make any claims that this product is going to increase your health, all opinions are just that, my personal beliefs and personal opinions. I cannot stress enough to research and consult with your physician before you decide to use ANY supplement.

Industrial Hemp Plant

Health Benefits

So we should get one thing perfectly clear, hemp does not contain a high amount of THC like its cousin cannabis. Rather it contains CBD which does not create the feeling of being “high” or intoxicated. It is a phytocannabinoid that has unlimited potential, its been discovered that it is beneficial to both human and animal health. Also it has the ability of affecting almost all biological processes in the human body and possibly animals as well.

That is huge!! I do encourage you to do your own research as well, Google offers a lot of information, then you can make your decisions in an educated fashion. And always consult your physician before taking any drug or supplement. Your health is your first priority after all.

Thick Woods Washington

All Natural

When buying your hemp products it is important as with any product to read your ingredients. I am sure there are some companies that are adding unnecessary ingredients to their products, but for the most part you will find that hemp-based products are all natural.

With as many products that contain additives this is comforting.

Helping The Environment

There are quite a few ways using hemp-based products can help the environment, biodegradable plastic is probably the biggest one I can think of, with all of the issues the current plastics we are using create.

We can save the amount of trees harvested every day for paper, and some construction materials as well. Items that are wood or made of wood products could be replaced with hemp products. Saving trees is definitely a huge part of helping the environment.

Making bio-fuel could help slow the big oil companies from drilling our natural resources away. I have always wondered what the long term effects are of removing the crude oil.

Obviously it is there for a reason, and I am pretty sure the reason wasn’t to be pumped out of the ground to leave voids and create gas pockets. Why not use a plant that can regenerate at a rapid pace instead?

Variety Of Uses and Products

There are so very many products that are derived from hemp and hemp seed, and these products all have beneficial uses, and are environmentally friendly.

To have such a variety of uses and benefits and to be so renewable makes this plant rank as a Super Hero to me.

The hemp seed oil does not contain the CBD values, but many products can be made from it, such as beauty products, lubricants, foods, paints, plastic and much more. These products are all biodegradable.

There are building materials that are said to be stronger than conventional materials and are more environmentally friendly. And they last longer.

We can make fabric to make clothes, bedding, draperies, etc…. They have even made a vinyl type product from hemp fibers that is stronger than the existing vinyl. Shoes, handbags, and jewelry accessories can also be created from hemp.

These products are sturdy and have a long life span. The clothing items are fashionable, not like old day hemp clothes that look like you got swallowed by tweed.

They can even construct car bodies from hemp. Jay Leno drove one onto his show one night.

And of course we don’t want to forget the famous CBD Oils that are sweeping the nation right now. There are many medical claims being made in conjunction with the use of this oil, so far no doctor or scientist have backed them.

With this product, I especially encourage you to research, not because it is illegal or a way to get “high” or intoxicated, because it is not either. It is because of the uses, you should research and speak with your physician before you use this product, this is for your own piece of mind.

Conclusion: You Will Feel Better All The Way Around Using Hemp Products

Happy Couple

With all of these benefits and uses its a wonder we have not utilized this plant sooner! Scientist are researching and making new discoveries every day.

Knowing that you are part of helping the planet and helping yourself should make you feel better, when you purchase a hemp-based product, no matter what it is.

Personally I think paper should be our target, we waste so many trees every day on making paper. That would impact our environment the most, and it could be immediate.

I think I have given you enough of a start here, after you do your  own research and you feel more knowledgeable and comfortable on this subject, I believe you will find it easier to  make your decision.

Some of the claims have not yet been scientifically founded, which is why I encourage you to do your own research on this subject.

The use of hemp oils and other products can impact your life in unsuspecting ways.

If we open our minds and stop classifying it as “bad” we will discover a whole new super plant that has been here all along. And you will feel better using it.

Feedback is always appreciated. I would love to hear what everyone thinks about this topic. Feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you as always.

Stacie Fortson

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HEMP: The Overlooked Renewable Resource and Much More

Industrial Hemp Female Flower Close-Up


I strongly support the use of CBD oils and other hemp products. I hope more are invented or discovered as this is one of the finest fully usable plants I have seen.

For years hemp has been overlooked as a renewable resource, this is partly to do with its relative “Cannabis”. There is a huge difference between the two, cannabis contains a higher amount of THC, whereas hemp does not contain high amounts of THC, it has other cannabinoids to go along with the CBD that are very beneficial as well.

There are so many uses from cooking and medicinal to health and beauty, fuel and plastic, fabrics and textiles. This plant really does it all, there is not much that it cannot be used for.

Food, Health, and Beauty products

Beauty Products

There are so many health and beauty products that are made with hemp, there are some wonderful shampoos & conditioners, body soaps, make-up, and sunscreen, protein shakes and more.

The protein shakes are high in healthy plant fat and protein and is rich in flavor. As for the skin and hair care products you have to find which one suits you best each person has their own level of moisture needs and fragrance desires,

I go for earthy aromas, you may like floral aromas, my skin is fairly dry, yours may be oily, so you have to shop around to find the suitable product just as with any personal hygiene product.

These are all quality products, as with any product you should check the ingredients for anything that you are allergic to that could be and included on the list.

Hemp Oil Topical

Oh and not to mention the medicinal CBD oil. Scientist are discovering new medicinal values all the time concerning the CBD oil helping with illnesses including cancer. You should always consult with your physician before making any health care decisions.


Fabrics and Textiles

Textile Variety

Clothing made of hemp fibers can be found in a variety of fashions these days, no more looking like the tweed jacket got out of control. You can also accessorize with handbags, shoes and jewelry as well.

You can decorate your home with drapes, furniture covering, bedding, and table cloths as well. If you can make it from cotton you can make it from hemp as well.

Paper can be made from hemp and it holds up better than paper made from wood and it takes a lot longer for trees to grow back, thus making hemp the superior paper product.

Building Materials

Press Board

Yes hemp can also be used for construction materials as well. The fibers can be pressed the same as wood fibers for making particle board, and the hemp particle board is going to be significantly stronger than the one constructed of wood chips and fibers.

There is also a product that is similar to concrete from what I understand it is very durable as well, it’s made of shredded hemp fibers and processed then you add water and that’s it.

There has been a car that the body is comprised solely of hemp, which I find quite amazing. So you can build structures and vehicles with it.

It also makes a wonderful plastic that is a lot safer than what we currently use, and it has been used to make bio-fuel as well.

Wildly Renewable

For years it has been overlooked as a renewable resource. This is one fast growing plant, it can be harvested up to three or more times in a year depending on climate and such. It literally grows like a weed. Not only does it grow like a weed, it does not rob nutrients from the soil and can be planted repeatedly in the same field and only show beneficial results. Light water and very little attention is all this plant requires to create its magic.


Earth’s Horizon from Afar

To sum it up we have been overlooking this wonderful plant for too long and for a bad reason. There are so many beneficial uses health and beauty, industrial, construction, even bio-fuel.

It’s time we start utilizing this plant, and save some trees and have fewer toxins in our air, and stop robbing the planet of fossil fuels when we have such great alternatives.

We just have to take the step and say we want a better planet, so yes we will use this powerful renewable resource.

It shouldn’t matter what plant it’s related to it, if it can be put to so many good uses, we should be utilizing it. And if it is starting to be known to save lives used as medicine, we should be using it!

We need to stop overlooking this amazing renewable resource and start utilizing it to its fullest potential.

I would love to hear what you think, please feel free to leave a comment.

Thank you as always.

By: Stacie Fortson

Go Green With Hemp