Soul Flower Earth Loving Threads: My Review of Their Hippie Chic Clothing Fashion

Soul Flower Clothing Banner

Soul Flower may not use strictly hemp fibers for their clothes, but they sure do have the environment, and comfort in mind. They use only organic cotton, recycled plastic, and other environmentally helpful materials.

While I was shopping around their site I was impressed by the many affordable fashions that are suitable for all occasions. You can be formal or casual in your Soul Flower attire, however you feel like expressing yourself at the moment, and you won’t break your pocket book doing it.

They have a wonderful customer service center that is willing to help you with all returns and refunds up to 45 days of purchasing. That is a long time for returns and refunds to be made, talk about convenience.

Right now there is a holiday sale, I love sales just as much as anyone, and Soul Flower has some wonderful deals.

Check them out!

NEW! Angle Cut Tie-Dye Tunic

Holiday Sale Price $36.80

Regular Price $46.00

Holiday Sale: Save $9.20!

Angle Cut Tie Dye Tunic

This is one comfortable and stylish tunic for hanging out with your friends or just chilling on the couch by yourself.

This light and stretchy fabric allows for ease of movement, and comfort while relaxing. You will be the envy of all your friends.

Each tunic comes out unique due to the designing, so no one will have the same exact color of shirt as you.

They are ethically made in Thailand, from 100% Rayon, and should be hand washed only, and line dried.

Sizing Chart Measurements- (in inches)

Medium – Chest: 36-38″ Length: 26.5/33″

Large – Chest: 38-40″ Length: 27.5/35″

X-Large – Chest: 42-44″ Length: 28.5/37″

XX-Large – Chest: 44-46″ Length: 29.5/39″

Low Impact Dyes

Ethically Made

Each One Unique



Holiday Sale Price $32.00

Regular Price $40.00

Holiday Sale 20% Off: Save $8.00 Today!

Boho Bouse Tank Dress

This is not your typical tie-dye tank top, it is also a hoodie! They have combined all my favorite features into one top, it is a tie-dye hoodie with a funky cut. I love it!

Being a versatile in wearing styles and having the flattering pixie cut, make this a wardrobe must! It is complimenting to most body types as well.

Also, ethically made in Thailand, as is the tunic, and consists of 95% viscose, and 5% spandex.

Measurements- (in inches)

Medium – Bust: 32-36″ Length: 29/38″

Large – Bust: 38-41″ Length: 31/39″

X-Large – Bust: 41-46″ Length: 32/39″



Holiday Sale Price $24.40

Regular Price $34.00

Holiday Sale 40% Off: Save $13.60 Today

These shorts are very soft and comfortable featuring a smocked waist band and front side pockets. Being inspired by sacred geometry, the diamond print is beautifully mesmerizing.

They are the perfect addition for your summer wardrobe.

Women's Hippie Shorts

Measurements (in inches)

Small – Waist: 34-36″ Inseam: 3″ Outseam: 13.0″

Medium – Waist: 36-38″ Inseam: 3.5″ Outseam: 13.5″

Large – Waist: 38-40″ Inseam: 3.5″ Outseam: 14″

X-Large – Waist: 40-42″ Inseam: 4″ Outseam: 14.5″

XX-Large – Waist: 42-44″ Inseam: 4″ Outseam: 15″






Holiday Sale Price $37.20

Regular Price $62.00

Holiday Sale 40% Off: Save $24.80 Today

Bohemian Pants Tie Bottoms

These are probably some of the coolest pants I have seen lately. They can be worn tied at the bottoms or left free to flow.

The uses are unlimited, you can leave them loose to go dancing or strolling on the beach, or you can tie the bottoms for yoga or wading in the waters edge.

Also, they can be semi formal or totally casual.

This product is Fair Trade certified, and made in India. The pants are made of 95% organic cotton, 5% spandex.

Get yours today!

Measurements (in inches)

Small – Waist: 30-32″ Inseam: 31″ Outseam: 39.5″

Medium – Waist: 32-34″ Inseam: 31.5″ Outseam: 40.5″

Large – Waist: 34-36″ Inseam: 32″ Outseam: 41.5″

X-Large – Waist: 36-38″ Inseam:32.5″ Outseam: 42.5″

XX-Large – Waist: 38-40″ Inseam: 33″ Outseam: 43.5″



Organic Cotton

Low Impact Dyes

Fair Trade Certified

Soul Flower Original


You Can Go Organic With Soul Flower And Feel Good

This company is thinking about the future of the planet by using low impact dyes, and organic and recycled materials. That is what my website is all about so I have no issues promoting their line of clothing. You can feel good about buying and wearing these stunning fashions as well.

With the affordable fashions, and the great customer service, you really can “Let Your Soul Flower” as their motto says.

I would love to hear your opinion of Soul Flower clothing. Please feel free to leave a comment or question below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

As always, thank you for reading my review.

Stacie Fortson

Go Green With Hemp